Localize apps, WordPress themes, plugins and more with Poedit

Do you want to translate apps, software or websites using Gettext from English into German?

Then you should check out Poedit, a simple yet effective and easy to use translation editor that helps you localizing .po files. Since it was specifically developed for working with Gettext, it is perfect for a variety of localization projects, including WordPress and PHP based sites.

On the developer’s website, there is a free, basic version of Poedit available as well as a PRO version that can be purchased for $19.99. To find out which version is the right one for your specific needs, let’s take a look at their respective features:

Features Poedit Free version:

  • Clean, simple and very easy to use interface
  • Safety check and warnings if strings in the source code are accidentally altered or deleted during translation
  • Inbuilt translation memory with auto fill-in function to speed up the translation process

Additional features Poedit PRO version:

  • Personal support by the developer in case you encounter any problems using Poedit
  • Online suggestions from databases containing millions of entries
  • WordPress themes and plugins localization support

Download the free version.
Download the PRO version.

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